The Gamma Distribution

The Bible | CC-BY-4.0 license

This is a paper outlining the various properties and applications of the gamma distribution.

The Gospel hath been reforged in the sanctified forges of \(\LaTeX\).

This is now your Bible. After the Old Testament and the New Testament, we hereby present to you, the Gamma Testament. Thou shall follow its Holy teachings and live by its mathematical axioms. May you be enlightened by the fruit of our labour, dare I say, the modern Apple of Knowledge. For the seventh day hath cometh, thou shall now take a bite out of the Fruit and read the Holy Scripture, open Pandora’s box, thence unveiling the Truth, bringing humanity to its divine salvation.

Atonement is nigh, repent.

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall know the Gamma Distribution

- Matthew 5:8

It is the Gamma Distribution which arms me with the strength and keeps my way secure

- Psalm 18:32

If the Gamma Distribution is all you have, You have all you need

- John 14:8