Hey! I’m Etienne, an avid Computer Science student with an insatiable curiosity for the world that surrounds me. Excited to unearth the limitless potential of AI, I am currently on a path towards pursuing a Masters degree and possibly a PhD in this field. The elegant interplay of mathematics and statistics that underpin AI fascinate me, propelling my desire to unravel its inner workings, contribute to it meaningfully, and leverage it for positive change.

In fact, I firmly believe that technology should be a force for good, pushing the boundaries of innovation. As such, I’m committed to making a meaningful difference in the realms I engage with, not only contributing to the advancement of AI but also to the betterment of society as a whole. I’m determined to ensure that AI’s benefits are accessible to all.

I thrive on mental stimulation that pushes me to think beyond the conventional, to seek novel solutions, and to continually expand my knowledge horizons; cognitive challenges and problem-solving drive me. Learning, both within and beyond my field, fuels my sense of discovery and allows me to genuinely appreciate the vast expanse of knowledge that lies ahead. I see failure as a launchpad for growth, each setback a stepping stone towards deeper understanding and innovation.

Recipient of the esteemed Schulich Leader Scholarship, one of Canada’s fifty $80 000 science scholarships awarded to exceptional students in the STEM realm, I am fuelled by a combination of academic excellence, leadership and an entrepreneurial mindset. This scholarship, which supports my undergraduate education at Université de Montréal, acknowledges my potential as an emerging STEM leader and drive to contribute meaningfully to the scientific landscape.

Beyond the world of technology, I lead a life of diverse interests. Having played the piano for a long time, I have cultivated a deep appreciation for both the practice and resonance of music. The way melodies harmonize deeply resonates with me, just as the art of photography does. Whether digitally or on film, this art has allowed me to explore the world through a unique perspective.

I’m excited about the path ahead; one that’s marked by an unbounded curiosity and an unwavering motivation. Let us innovate, question, challenge, problem solve, and do what’s in our power to make the world a better place.

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TLDR: Hey! My name is Etienne. I’m a computer science student and Schulich Leader at Université de Montréal fascinated by artificial intelligence. I live a life diverse of interests, from computer science and technology to music and photography. I thrive on problem solving and learning new things about everything I encounter. I try to always stay curious and have a positive impact on my environment.